I am happiest when creating art and wouldn’t have it any other way! 


My approach to any canvas is untraditional, I use a black background and bring out shapes and subjects with layers of bold color. Having an eye for the unusual, I tend to incorporate a creative spin on everything. And when working on public projects, I pride myself on the ability to blend distinctive personal style and community input to create something that is imaginative, innovative, and embodies the area. 


Throughout my career I have produced paintings and murals and recently I have incorporated poseable puppets. These poseable puppets have exploded into a world of their own, that is now called The Believables. I spend most of my time devoted to The Believables – either making puppets, or their clothing, or set design and building, or capturing them digitally – I am working with puppets! You can follow The Believables on Instagram and FaceBook and people do! I am constantly capturing them in a way that feels like they are right there with you. There is an odd attraction to miniature objects, people of all ages are drawn to them finding themselves curious about a part of the process – either character design, how they are posed, upcycling of objects, or storytelling. This 3-dimensional addition has sharpened and enhanced my art career and I am excited for what is next!